Other projects

MDT / Misery Development Ltd.

Several members of the MDT have obtained professional jobs in the gaming industry through their dedication and involvement in the MISERY mod development. Additionally, as resources expanded within the team other side projects have been developed by key members under the name of Misery Development Ltd. Here’s a list of some the side projects:

The Seed
As an interactive novel with more than 30 possible endings The Seed is one of the most ambitious projects developed in the Construct engine for both PC, Mac and Linux. As a player, you will take the role of the protagonist and explore the world after world apocalypse in 2026. The items you find and the choices you make will influence your story. Visit the project website.

Chernobyl Memorial Playing Cards

Playing cards with a historic and social relevance in two editions, both with the highest quality stock, and made in the Ukraine. A project that enables Misery Development Ltd. to honor the lives that were lost, the thousands that were evacuated from their homes and the heroes who fought in the taming of the fire. Thanks to this project, donations have been made to Chernobyl Children’s Project International and Aid Convoy to aid them in their charitable work to improve the conditions of Ukrainian families affected by the disaster. See the playing cards here.