Frequently Asked Questions

The MISERY mod is a very ambitious project that makes drastic changes to STALKER Call of Pripyat. Obviously, this raises a lot of questions on all areas and this page will cover some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I now need a lighter to smoke?

Yes, this is an element that we kept as a surprise (amongst others) for MISERY 2.2 for the sake of immersion. We considered the option of implementing a half empty lighter in starting gear for all classes, but ultimately decided that it would be fun to make the players figure out what to do themselves.

It is too easy to find lighter refiller on loot and it is cheap to buy. It won’t take long to figure out what quest you need to solve, to be able to buy lighter. Also, you can travel to Jupiter map early in game and buy lighter from Hawaian and buy green suit from scientist.

It is intended that players go to Jupiter map early in playtrough, solve some easy quest there and return back to Zaton. But in previous releases players were not encouraged enough to leave Zaton early in game, hopefully absence of green suit and lighter might help to consider this as option. At least, this is what we settled upon within the development team.

How can I prevent the occasional scan(f) crash due to saving while some zombie has been alerted and no longer has a weapon?

A Prepare for battle, and save before it begins. Finish off the enemy before saving again. Saves made while unarmed zombies are alerted will cause crashes. Workaround: Lower switch-distance temporarily, leave the area and save again. Restore switch distance, and reload. Finish the battle this time.

Can I play multiplayer with the MISERY mod?

No, unfortunately you can’t. Mods in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. don’t usually work in multiplayer.

Is the MISERY mod compatible with Steam version?

Yeah, sure. You just have to pay attention to installation process, and you’ll be fine.

What is FOV?

FOV stands for “field of view” and refers to the extent of the game world you’re able to see. For quick reference, we’ve prepared a list of FOVs recommended for some monitor formats:

83′ or 85′ is recommended for 16:9 monitor formats.
75′ or below is recommended for 4:3 monitor formats.
90′ is unrecommended as some weapon animations aren’t compatible with it (not a bug).

What is switch distance?

Switch distance is a distance at which artificial intelligence in the game enters its on-line mode, which means that it will behave taking into account the presence of the player. When the player is outside the range of AI (beyond switch distance), off-line mode is initiated and the world will move irrespective of the player. What this means is that off-line does not use your computer resources in such an extent as on-line because behavior of AI in off-line is extremely simple: it acts purely as code and doesn’t require any sounds, animations or advanced scripts. On the other hand, when the player enters AI switch distance, it will use all resources available and necessary, meaning sounds, animations, etc. For this reason, owners of weaker systems should choose lower switch distances. Because of the new camouflage system’s dynamic adjustment to changes in the switch_distance setting, lowering the switch_distance will not negatively affect game play. Only the ultimate distance at which you can see and fire upon enemies will be limited. You can always adjust the distance up or down without needing to start a new game or reinstall.

Can I change USS class during a game?

No, you need to deal with your chosen military background all throughout the game or start a new game.

Are unofficial add-ons compatible with MISERY 2.2?

In almost all cases, No. Authors will have to update and test their add-ons for compatibility. Please see add-ons page for mention of compatibility with MISERY 2.2 specifically before attempting installation.

I have edited the mod data, and now having problems. Any help?

MISERY, as you all know, is a mod, in other words a modification created by gamers for gamers. The basic need for mods stems from the fact that certain features in the vanilla games come as unsatisfactory, so modders strive to change them to make the game suit their preferences to a higher degree. And you don’t only mod a game, you can also mod a mod. And you most certainly can mod MISERY. We are aware that some of the additions we’ve made are not to everyone’s taste, and you’re more than welcome to modify or even delete them. However, we can’t stress this enough, we are not responsible for any crashes you get from the game modified in this manner. If you’ve installed any unofficial add-ons or patches, report your problem to their author(s). If you’ve tweaked the files yourself, ask yourself what you might have done wrong. For this reason, if you have modified anything, don’t send us crash logs. Save yourself – and us, by the way – some time.

I have crashes – any help?

We are aware MISERY is not without its problems (the most up to date list of bugs can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1zh4knsu9dyjm5/KnownBugs.pdf?dl=0), and we’re going to great lengths to make sure every one of them gets remedied. However, you can make this process much simpler for us. This will benefit you as well because the faster we identify what’s wrong, the faster we’ll get it fixed and the faster you’ll be able to enjoy being Miserified. So, if you really want to help us out, follow the guide given below:

1. Find a crash log. If you are using the retail version on Win XP or, Win 7 or Win 10 you will find it here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Call of Pripyat\logs
2. Search for “FATAL ERROR” phrase.
3. Copy/paste the part below this phrase and send it to us along with an explanation of how/when the crash happened. Uploading your save would be a life-saver. You can send it all here: http://www.moddb.com/groups/MISERY-development-team or through by e-mail to: contact@miserymod.comthe contact menu on our page (http://www.MISERYmod.com/?page_id=74), or post it in our ModDB forum in the bugs thread right here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-MISERY/forum/thread/bugs
Bear in mind though that X-RAY Engine is quite known for hiccups and other various problems. It may happen that your crash is not our fault, but rather the engine’s. If your game crashed randomly or you’re getting “out of memory” crashes, it’s the indication that the game can’t cope with your settings, and that’s why we encourage you to lower them. This way you’ll not only be able to play sooner, but also we won’t be chasing ghosts and we’ll be able to deal with matters that require immediate attention. In other words, send us messages only if your crash is recurring.

My game keeps crashing when I put x (whereas x is an item) in a quick use slot.

Yes, we’re perfectly aware of that, and it’s a question of the engine. Simply put, X-ray is hard-coded to allow only items that occupy one inventory slot (1:1 items) in quick use slots. All other items, like weapons (which are always larger than 1:1), cooking equipment, suits, etc. will make the game crash. The only solution is not to insert such items to quick use slots.

I have come across some other technical problems that are the result of engine not working properly and which are thus irreparable. What can I do to battle them?

There are some things you might do, but we cannot guarantee that they will take care of this issue. These are:

1. Go to a different map for some time.
2. Go to sleep.
3. Approach a quest from a different angle (when the bug is quest-related).
4. Lower a-life switch distance.

The game’s stuttering like hell. Why’s that?

The game can’t cope with what’s going on in the scripts and with the textures and the like. To battle this issue, you can install optimized texture packs (see above), lower your game settings, shut down programs working in the background and only use hard saves instead of quick saves. Not much can be done about it aside from that, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Have you noticed that the Zone just freezes sometimes? It stutters, and everything else stops for microseconds. We call this the Stutter. Some say it’s an echo from the first Chernobyl explosion, coming back to remind us of the horror. Some say it is neurological, and our brains, under the influence of the Zone, have problems processing sensual information. And the latter has been proposed by those scientists in the bunker. They’ve studied the phenomenon and are still baffled by some aspects of it. I have a theory that the stutters are actually microemissions, happening so fast that they can’t hurt anyone, but are annoying as hell, especially in the middle of a fight. If some genius Stalker comes up with a way to negate that effect for himself, he’ll have a massive advantage over the rest of us. Alas, such Stalker has not yet appeared, and the Stutter always keeps us company. I really hope the Stutter doesn’t cause any neurological damage, I don’t want to leave this place retarded or something.

Are you planning to keep updating MISERY, for example by introducing new features or extending the storyline?

We would really like to and we’re sure we’re more than capable, however it’s not that easy, unfortunately. We have plenty of real-life obligations and working on a project on a scale comparable to MISERY is extremely time-consuming. We’re not saying “no”, we’re just not certain whether our schedules will allow us to work for free and in leisure time on MISERY in the future. So, time will tell. However, you may rest assured that we’re going to update the mod by fixing crashes, bugs and other annoyances.

The door to the workshop under the Iron Forest seem to be open prior to the respective quest associated with the Gauss gun. Am I allowed to enter or should I rather refrain from doing so?

This is a well-known vanilla glitch. You should under no circumstances enter this place, let alone take any documents as doing so may make the main quest unplayable (it simply will not spawn). For more information, check this page: http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Gauss_gun#Bugs
For careless stalkers who are not aware of this bug, MISERY now spawn additional anomaly field that prevents passage until you reach proper story plot event. Once you should be able to open door trough story plot, that anomaly filed will be removed and you will be able to continue as usual.