How to get the game running

Hosting a modification of this size costs a lot of money when the data is downloaded dozens of times each day. As the MISERY mod project is not monetised or financially sponsored we are therefore forced to have our trusted partner ModDB host the data for distribution.

Download (2.1 GB)

Then, after downloading the MISERY mod, start and save the original game once and ensure it is running smoothly. Double-click to unpack the Zip file. Right-click on the executable and run it as administrator

System requirements

The MISERY modification is system taxing and requires high end hardware to run smoothly. Be sure to meet the minimum system requirements before running the mod on your system.

Here are the specs and system recommendations for the MISERY mod:



Installation instructions
The overwhelming number of potential problems reported are related to installations. The German Beta has some flaws we missed (you might want to wait for the translators to catch up, some things can cause crashes). The following are stalker proof installation procedures:

  • Uninstall any mods from the past
  • Uninstall the game
  • Delete the entire folder your old COP installation was in
  • Reinstall the game (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. CoP)
  • Start the game – configure best for your system – save once (make sure it is running smoothly)
  • Unpack the mod, Please use 7zip to avoid any chance of file corruption during unpacking.
  • Right-click on the MISERY setup.exe and run as administrator
  • Choose your options
  • Pay attention to the note at the end
  • Start a new game

You DO NOT need to edit any files to enable the mod. We want you to be miserable playing, but not with unplanned installation complications. Skipping any step (verifying your game cache in Steam is NOT the same as reinstalling – it will leave dregs of former installations which can cause problems) will dramatically ruin your experience. Note: If you use steam, permissions on the .exe GSC made in July will make removing the old .exe impossible until your close steam and reboot your computer) then you can remove it so the installation goes smoothly.

Feedback & troubleshooting
Feedback on the mod can be provided [HERE], on our ModDb Bugs thread at
Please avail yourself of the FAQ and Game Guide on the website and review the installation instructions on the Bugs thread before reporting a potential bug.

Terms of use
The MISERY mod is not directly compatible with any other mod and trying to merge other mods may overwrite basic gamedata files, which will render your game unplayable. If you – for any reason – want to tweak MISERY to your liking, bear in mind that all merging, altering and/or editing will be done solely at your own risk and that such tweaked version of the MISERY mod will not be supported by MDT.

Creating a mod of this scale requires thousands of working hours. Please take into consideration that every member of our team is doing this for free and for no payment at all. Some files used in the MISERY mod have been acquired from other mods with full permission, while the vast majority of features is our own doing. Anyone who wants to include, use or implement parts of the MISERY mod in their own projects needs to contact Misery Development Ltd. for permission to use and adopt the data.