Unique features of the MISERY mod

The MISERY mod presents a wide variety of inventive and interesting features that were developed as new and exclusive expansions to an already rich open-world game experience. These have been achieved with a succesful mix of creativity, imagination, and advanced programming skills, and have been very well received with by the community.

Here’s a list of some of the most innovative new features that are developed exclusive by the MISERY modding team:


3 playable USS classes

When you start the game, you’re given a choice between 3 classes – Assaulter, Sniper and Recon. The classes impact the overall difficulty a player may experience in the main play through as each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and should be played differently.

Armor attachments

Completely new items like Kevlar plates, artifact containers, Camelbak and many more can make your outfit fit a variety of special purposes and tasks. Customise your suit and armor to your advantage and playstyle from a wide range of gear and assets. Attachments can be swapped, traded and replaced as often as you want. 

Mutant hunting

Mutants no longer serve as threats to your character and their surroundings, they also serve a purpose as carriers of meat and rare mutant parts. You are able to cut fresh meat from the corpses of mutants and eat it raw, cook it or sell it. The value of mutant parts will depend on their threat level and rarity. You can even cut the beak from dead crows, boil it and drink it!

Cooking feature

It is not only skin and some mutant body parts obtainable trough mutant hunting. Some of those mutants can be tasty if cooked properly. MISERY bring just that – cooking tools to remove as much as possible toxic/radioactive materials trough cooking. Unlike previous versions of MISERY mod, you can now cook multiple mutant meats at once. Furthermore, if you have field cooking kit in inventory, it will allow you to cook additional piece of meat with same amount of fuel used. There is a catch though. You now also need a lighter to start fire before cooking. That small piece of equipment might be a difference between starving and satiated stalker. Who knows, maybe you can find it profitable enough to open business as chef in the zone.

Sharpening tools & repair

Speaking of sharp tool for mutant skinning, if you don’t have proper tool in your backpack or your tool is too blunt for skinning animal you need to sharp some suitable item. It can be knife or any other item that can be sharpened. If you don’t have “right” tool for a job, sharpened shovel or even grooming kit can be used in emergency. Beside mutant skinning, sharp tools is also necessary for successful dismantling of outfits. Not only outfits, but you can also dismantle weapons and other items, to extract anything that can be useful to either, repairing your own equipment or to sell it for extra profit. The MISERY mod features a wide range of tools and kits that will allow you to manually repair your weapons, suits and gear in the field. You will need the proper items and scrap to repair your gear effectively, and some kits are designed specifically for certain types of inventory. Some mutant hides and pelts can be used for armor enhancement or repair.

Inventory dismantling

Be opportunist and carry only items that can be used or sold, there is no need to carry damaged items that weight a ton across whole map anymore. If you are lucky you might even find weapon parts that allow you to repair favourite rifle that is too damaged to be repaired with other tools and too expensive to be repaired by mechanic. That’s right, it is another unique MISERY feature, being able to repair your own equipment in comparison to vanilla game. There are many items that can be used for repairs or for dismantling. Successful outcome depends on tool being used, so choose your tool wisely for required task.

Quick release system

Attacked by a herd of wild dogs? Ambushed by bandits? Need to sprint for long distances? You will need to install this feature to your backpack, but once installed it will allow you to drop your load and unburden yourself to react instantly and freely in dangerous situations by a press of a button! The weapons and items you have equipped will remain at your disposal, but everything else will drop and let you move around in an unburdened state, which potentially could safe your live.

Create your own stash

Create your own interactive stash with a waterproof and camouflaged backpack. Thanks to the implementation of new functional items you will not only be able to create your own stash anywhere, but you will also be able to mark the location on your map and find your way back to it easily.

Flashlights & batteries

With distinction of wind-up flashlight that use mechanical to electrical energy conversion (by shaking flashlight before usage), other light sources as well as night vision googles require electric power to operate. In zone, batteries can be found in various sizes, capacity and voltages. On the other hand, devices that require power use various type of connectors. Fortunately, some smart stalker has invented Universal Power Device that can drain stored energy from various battery types and deliver to devices that need electrical power trough adopted connectors. It does not hurt to repeat that it can be unhealthy to wave with flashlight turned on in front of enemies.

Sleeping bags & tents

Background radiation is not present only in “Dark mode”. When you sleep in unsafe place you can be easy irradiated from background radioactive sources. Sleeping bag, NRC emergency foil (also known as space blanket) and tent offer different level of protection from background radiation. Using them combined will protect you more. Satiety degrade rate when sleeping depends on used bunk type as well. Choose your camping spot wisely and invest in better bunk when possible. You never know when you will be stranded in unknown spot of zone.

Drugs, cigarettes & lighter

The MISERY mod adds a huge variety of drugs, cigarettes and other medicaments with various effects for you to experiment with. With MISERY 2.2 we implemented a requirement to have a lighter at your disposal in order to fire up your cigars.

Black Road

Optional game start that increases the difficulty of your game start significantly. Black Road is a special mode determining your starting location as well as starting equipment. Namely, you begin the game at night with only a flashlight and an axe or knife. Yeah, you’ve read it right: no armor, no gun, no money. So be prepared for a real challenge straight out of the box. Here’s a little guide on how survive the first day on this game mode.

Stealth & camouflage

Stealth mechanics and AI have been enhanced dramatically. In short, camouflage does not just make NPC’s unable to spot you. It is an actual additional layer of AI. It not only prevents NPC’s shooting across the entire map when not alerted, it also prevents abusing the AI limitation of being unable to spot you if you are outside of their visible range. You no longer can raise alife range to be able to spot NPC while NPC is not able to spot you. Another unique element is that in all other STALKER games AI does not react at all if you have turned on flashlight. In MISERY there is a noticeable change if you have your flashlight turned on or off. It works for both, handheld flashlight and headlamp.

NPC surrender mechanic

By using the right combat tactics you MAY force NPCs to surrender to you. If they choose to do so you are left with several options: You can execute the person, you can spare his life and ride away on your morale high horse or you can choose the middle ground, disarm him, and put pressure on him to reveal the location of his main supplies (stash). The NPC can reveal his personal stash location or even betray his comrades and reveal their private stash instead. These personal stashes are all generated on-site and not featured in vanilla CoP. An NPC may give coordinates to a stash in a whole other area/map if he has travelled far from it. ‘The right combat tactics’ could be to shoot your opponent in the legs and sprint towards him as a show of force.