Complete list of weapons in MISERY 2.2

Weaponry and strategic combat plays a huge role in the STALKER game series and that is why the MISERY mod has invested months and years to expand and refine this aspect of the game. The original arsenal of the game (counting 32 different weapons) has been expanded TENFOLD to give you extreme arsenal variety and combat realism. It took the team years to manually design variations of weapons with special conditions and stats and to implement every weapon to the game with balanced configurations.

Here’s a complete list of the weapons you can find in the MISERY mod and their variations:


Melee weapons

  • Axe
  • Basic utility knife
  • Large hunting knife
  • Soviet combat knife
  • NR-40 knife
  • M9 bayonet
  • Spetsnaz switchblade


  • Stechkin APS
  • Beretta 92F (standard, alternate, camouflaged, personalised, worn)
  • Colt M1911 (standard, alternate, camouflaged, worn)
  • Desert Eagle (standard, alternate, camouflaged, personalised, worn, Steppe Eagle)
  • Fort-12 (standard, camouflaged, personalised, rusty, worn, Snag)
  • GP100
  • GSh-18
  • Inglis Hi-Power (standard, alternate, camouflaged, personalised, worn)
  • MP412 REX
  • Ots-33 “Pernach”
  • PB/6P9
  • Honorary Makarov PM
  • Makarov (standard, personalised, alternate, customised, worn)
  • SIG P220 (standard, camouflaged, customised, rusty, worn, Alpine)
  • TT-33
  • USP Compact (standard, alternate, personalised, customised, worn, March)
  • Vis wz. 35 (standard, alternate, worn, customized)
  • Walther P99 (standard, alternate, personalised, customised, worn)

Submachine guns/carbines

  • AKS-74U (standard, camouflaged, customised, rusty, worn, Snag)
  • MP5A3 (standard, alternate, customised, worn, Frasier)
  • PPSh-41 (standard, red new, red worn, wooden new, wooden worn)
  • Skorpion vz. 68 (standard, camouflaged)
  • UMP45


  • TOZ 66
  • TOZ 66 sawn-off (standard, golden, rusty, silvered, worn)
  • Armsel Protecta (standard, camoflaged, customised, worn, upgraded)
  • TOZ 34 (standard, alternate, decorated, new, worn)
  • Mossberg 500 short
  • Saiga-12K
  • SPAS-12 (standard, alternate, customised, worn, Carabiner)
  • Maverick 88 (standard, alternate, camouflaged, rusty, Trapper, worn)

Assault rifles

  • Nikonov AN-94 (standard, alternate, camouflaged, customised, rusty, worn)
  • AEK-971
  • AK-105
  • AK-47 (standard, Dusty, rusty, worn)
  • AKM (standard, alternate, camouflaged, customised, modern, worn, Dolg, Freedom)
  • AKS-74 (standard, alternate, camouflaged, customised, personalised, rusty, worn)
  • AKMS (standard, camouflaged, Mercenary, Monolith, worn)
  • AKS-74 Kobra
  • Steyr AUG A1
  • FAMAS G2 (prototype)
  • FAR-15
  • FN F2000 (standard, alternate, customised, camouflaged, worn, civilian)
  • FN FAL, L1A1 SLR (camouflaged, Assasin’s)
  • StG 58 (modern, standard, camouflaged, customised)
  • FN FS2000
  • G36K (standard, customised, Nimble)
  • IMI Galil
  • OTs-14-4A (standard, Storm)
  • LR-300-ML (standard, alternate, camouflaged, customised, worn)
  • M4A1 carbine
  • SG 550 (standard, alternate, customised, worn, Strelok’s)
  • SG 552 Commando
  • SKS-45 (standard, modern)
  • StG 44 (standard, alternate, new, old, worn)
  • AS-VAL
  • VSK-94
  • FN FAL Para
  • L85A2, L85A1 (standard, customised, camouflaged, worn)
  • M16A1
  • M14 DMR
  • Sako M95
  • XM8 Guerilla Camo
  • PKM (standard, Zulu)
  • RPK-74 (standard, worn, alternate)
  • RPK-762 (standard, worn)

Sniper rifles

  • Dragunov SVD (standard, ghillie, alternate, Lynx)
  • OTs-03 SVU (standard, SVU-A)
  • KSVK 12.7
  • SG 550-S Sniper
  • Gauss rifle ‘Item 62’
  • Karabiner 43
  • Karabiner 98 Kurz
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 (standard, honorary)
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 sawn-off
  • VSS “Vintorez” (standard, Tide)
  • M24 SWS ‘Green Dragon’
  • Sako TRG-42


  • RPG-7
  • RG-6
  • F1 grenade
  • RGD-5 grenade
  • Thermite grenade
  • GP-25 “Kostyor” grenade launcher
  • M203 grenade launcher
  • PFM-1 scatterable anti-personnel mine
  • Improvised explosive device (based on chemicals)
  • Improvised explosive device (based on OG-7V warhead)
  • Powder can

Still not enough weapons for you ?
Check out the add-on mod specifically made for MISERY in mind: TAZ – The Armed Zone